Be a distributor in your country and make money easily on wholesales

Functional training sports equipment factory ULTRA-WOD is looking for distributors in European countries. Rigs and racks, storage systems and inventory, accessories and training equipment from Russia.
Offer for companies that complete gyms, fitness clubs and wholesale sports equipment in Europe
Functional Training Sports Equipment Factory
In assortment more than 100 positions from jumping ropes to functional rigs & racks. The products of the plant are not inferior in quality to the advertised analogues at a more affordable price. Production and warehouse are in Voronezh (Russia). All in stock:

- functional rigs and storage systems
- medicine ball and sandbags
- barbells and bumper plates
- kettlebells and dumbbells
- pegboards and plyoboxes

and much more...

Why is it profitable to work with us?
What does our distributor get?
Rigs production time on average 5-15 days. Whole inventory in stock at the warehouse. We ship order on the day of payment.
Triple quality control products. Fair guarantee without hidden nuances.
Due to prices lower than competitors, you will sell more and earn more without losing product quality
The high demand for functional training equipment makes it easy to sell.
We provide free samples new items for testing. Promotional materials are also sent free of charge to help with sales.
Quickly and easily change a defective product in case of a complaint. You will not be alone with the client with the problem.
What else?
Additional benefits
3D modeling
We provide free color 3D-models of rigs and sketches with sizes when preparing an offer.
At your request, it is also possible to produce a full 3D-visualization of the club premises in high resolution. This will allow you to see all the nuances of the location of the equipment in the gym before buying it and protect yourself from unnecessary costs. The cost of such work is calculated individually.
Easy installation
The frame elements are clearly bolted together without extra effort
We attach an assembly scheme to each rig, which guarantees quick and correct assembly of the structure by any person who has the basic skill of working with a wrench and a perforator. The frame also comes with anchors to the floor and walls - you save time and money on finding and buying hardware.
Several photos sent by our customers at the installation stage and in the finished form - everything is as in real life.
Write to us on WhatsApp +7 991 324 90 63 or by e-mail and ask all questions about cooperation. We respond quickly in English and Russian :)
only actions produce results
You can read about the benefits and advantages of working with ULTRA-WOD for a long time, doubt and put off the decision day by day. But in order for you and your clients to feel the real benefits of working with us, take the first step without risk - send a request for distribution and then make a decision based on numbers and dialogue with company experts.